VOIP + UCAAS Simplified

April 1, 2019

I’ve been on a lot of calls explaining the difference between “VOIP” voice over internet protocol and “UCAAS” unified communications as a service. I’ll give you a quick explanation here so we’re both on the same page.


So, when you’re considering going “VOIP” or “UCAAS” they’re similar and different at the same time.


VOIP is over the internet with traditional functionality as you’re accustomed to today. Just over the internet. No problem. You get rid of your PRI’s or Analog lines and PBX that costs money to maintain and you figure out the ROI from that point and savings on your overall telecom bill. 



Unified Communications as a Service is internet-based phones + texting + internal collaboration & sharing of documents and seeing of people at the desk and video conferencing. ALL IN 1 singular platform. You can even integrate virtual faxing and mobility. I.E. Download the phone app to your Iphone or android and carry around your business phone system in your pocket. Conference calling as well. Looks like the below.




Want to make sure you know what you’re going to get when looking at a new internet-based cloud phone system, AtlasIP represents every top provider so you don’t have to shop, I’ll just get the pricing for you and bring the vendor to your table.


Most of them offer 3 year terms and pricing is very similar. UC/VOIP is subscription based, you’re not buying the system out right as an on premise pbx such as Avaya. You’ll also rent out new Polycom phones and conference phones which are separate. This could be good for your accounting process as it’s an operational expense.


There you have it, there is more that goes into “UCAAS” phone systems that differentiate each vendor but on a high level this is what you’ll get. Feel free to reach out, comment, like, share and we’ll get in touch.


Daniel Macias – Telecom & Cloud Sales Professional









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