Phone System Nuance

March 20, 2019

              When I help potential clients select a new phone system, I always say that there will be something that they are used to that they do not know they want yet. We will have to look at three or maybe even four vendors to discover what that thing they want is. I will go through a few examples of what I have seen.


              If you’re an office with no more than 5-10 people in at one time and just want basic phone service, no problem. You’re not going to need the full suite of collaboration tools such as video, SMS, chat all in one platform. Voice will suffice over the internet for you to operate daily.

              What if you are working with more people on a daily basis? Say around 20-100 employees and you have a phone system, but it’s an older onsite system. Or, it could be on site, just in a datacenter where the phone lines are fed into and your main location acts as a backup site. This scenario is your answer to getting out of a datacenter where your actual phone system lives because you’re paying for the space, power and bandwidth required to operate that system. Going with a true cloud communication platform will cut costs immediately.


              What if your business requires that everyone be able to chat and collaborate internally, but every one of your employees uses some chat app that isn’t secured on your network? This would be a great time to explore a cloud phone provider that can integrate all your chat apps into one place making life for your network administrator that much easier.


              Sales is key to any organization’s success in the marketplace today, as a sales leader, CEO, marketing manager you want to make sure clients are happy. A great place to start is to make sure that the phone provider can integrate with your sales CRM to track calls with clients. This data is gold as the reports generated can be used for sales training and listen to what customers are saying so that the business can stay in step with clients.


              These are a few scenarios that we see come up more and more here at AtlasIP, if you need a partner to help in your search for the right vendor, let’s connect!


Daniel Macias

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