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January 14, 2019


It’s rare that I see any sort of client success story on LinkedIn or anywhere really. You have to dig around on companies’ websites for caned answers and they’re hard to find when you really want to see what how that partner performed. I thought one day, why don’t I send off a survey or questionnaire to a client of mind that I recently helped. I’ll get into what I asked and the context behind each answer below. This should give you an idea of the process we take here at AtlasIP.

  1. Why did you choose AtlasIP?

I asked this question because I really do want to know why they put their trust in me. If you don’t ask, then you’ll never get the real data to repeat that process over and over.




“We had a prior experience dealing with AtlasIP before we moved”.


I first met this client 4 years ago in Downtown Los Angeles call on buildings that had my fiber network already pre-built there. One of the tenants was this client and he was interested in what I could do back then. What happened from there was that I introduced my now partner, Brian Robertson to help them with what they needed because it was more than just a simple internet circuit. Fast forward 4 years, I’ve joined AtlasIP, reengaged with the client and helped them make a smooth transition to a new office in Glendale CA.


2. How were your needs assessed?


I thought about this question to bring out how my questioning skills have evolved over time. It was more for me to get better.




“Daniel provided us with several options, and we decided (on) the option that best suited our requirements”.


Here at AtlasIP we consult on all types of technology if you don’t know this already, internet, voice, hosted phone systems, contact center and cloud solutions. I looked at the new building that they were moving too and realized that their current providers were not available immediately. From that point I engaged with the providers that were available and who I knew would be a reliable choice. AT&T and Spectrum.


3.We’re your needs met?


This one was redundant, I was excited on a train of thought and went with it. Client was good enough to answer but it was a closed ended question so that’s the answer I got.




“Yes. Our needs were met”.


4.How was your buying experience?


Isn’t all about customer experience these days? Therefore, I asked this question because it encapsulates the entire process for the customer. In every engagement AtlasIP embarks on with a client there are ups and downs and we always look to over deliver and over promise. In this case we did both.




“Our buying experience was excellent!”


   Not bad.


5.What did you think of the process from start to finish?


This question was me really looking to get inside my client’s head because first answers are just knee jerks and first reactions. You must get passed those initial stages with probing questions. Looking at it now it’s parallel to my experience question. Can the questions be better?




“It was perfect!”


I really think he was trying to be nice here, just so all of you know, I have some thick, really thick skin and I’m not afraid of the truth. However, the client had a different opinion and thought I was perfect. I’m far from that but I’ll take it here.


6.Would you refer AtlasIP to your colleagues of be a reference?


Must ask question here.




“Yes, Sure.”


7.How did your Account Representative do? Knowledge of product? Sales acumen? Professionalism?


Here I was looking for where I could improve in my personal sales process. I was looking for some feedback where I could really dive deep into myself and fill some gaps.




“Daniel was very helpful. He knows what he’s doing. He was very professional. He even helped us to get free IP phones.”


That’s true, I did help get them some nice new desk phones as part of the overall investment. You see, this is what you and your customers get working with me and my team here at AtlasIP.


8. What could your Account Representative do better?



Again, I’m looking for more feedback to work on. What questions do you ask in surveys?




“Nothing. He (Daniel) was perfect”


Ok, this is one of my best clients and we’ll work together for a long time, but I’m far from perfect, however, I will always do more than most other vendors out there from a follow up and follow through perspective.


Tell me what kind of questions you use and let’s sync up to see how we can team and work to help more clients this year.


Daniel Macias – Telecom & Cloud Sales Pro

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