10 SD-WAN Insights you need to know

September 24, 2018


               Software Defined Wide Area Network or SD-WAN for short is sweeping across the telecom world. Gone are the days where you have to purchase expensive circuits to the internet to get your data and products into your customers hands. With SD-WAN blossoming into practical uses across all industries and verticals you should probably know what’s under the hood. Here, I’ll tell you the TOP 10 components powering SD-WAN today.

  1. Installation for dummies


What in the world does this mean? I’ll tell you, I can install this box without having a paid, IT network admin doing it. How? All we must do is pre-plan the shipment of the “edge devices” by gathering up all your network data. With that data we can pre-populate the fields in the configuration tool called the “Orchestrator”. (I’m talking about Wanify/VeloCloud SD-WAN just in case you want to know) Once this is done, we’ll re-box up the device for you and ship it to your remote location. From there all your office manager or whoever is at that location has to do is literally plug in the power and internet cables. From there the device will sync with the pre-configured settings you already populated from HQ, download any updates and you’re done. Too easy. (See image)



  2. Do you like to know what’s going on?


Remember that “Orchestrator” I mentioned above? That’s the management console where you’ll be able to see visually, everything that is happening with your network. From the internet health, who is accessing your network and on what device. Not to mention you can play big brother and see where your employees are browsing giving you total visibility. What you do with that power is up to you, but if you’re anything like me, I would like to keep my people productive, not surfing Facebook or YouTube. Get to work people! (See image)



  3. Need more control of what’s happening on your network?


In the Orchestrator you have full control over prioritizing specific apps and even rate limiting others.Hate when a Microsoft update bogs down the entire network?Not a problem, limit updates to never take up more than 2% of your link bandwidth.But for mission critical business apps (VOIP, video conferencing, etc.) now you have full control over making sure that is dynamically routed over the best link in real time and doesn’t get interfered with less important traffic. (see image)



  4. Multiple Internet Lines?


There’s an app for that. No really, it’s called “Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization” which is a fancy way of saying if you have one really bad internet line and you know it, the edge device will recognize that and flawlessly move your critical application traffic to the next best link. All this without dropping your phone call or video conferencing session. All SD-WAN providers have some flavor of this but when compared to Wanify SD-WAN you’ll see that this solution will keep your conversations moving forward. That means more pipeline for your sales team and closed deals for the business. Let’s make your customers happy together! (see image)




  5. Are you that 1 IT guy that knows everything about the network?


Ok let’s get serious here, we all like to do more with less, especially with less money as well. When it comes to your multiple site network do you really need to hire more network admins to support it? Now is the time to lock down your job and subscribe to SD-WAN immediately. With SD-WAN you turn yourself into the IRON MAN of the organization, all knowing and insightful, this gives you more time figuring out ways to optimize your sales force or customer experience team to create new and repeat customers. If you’re bogged down in network issues, there is another way. (see image)






  6. Safety something you’re worried about?


Let’s look at what you’re doing for security today? Do you have premise-based firewalls? Cloud firewalls? Worried about employees sticking a USB plug into a laptop and downloading proprietary data? Worried about virus and data loss we have your back. The Wanify edge device allows you to integrate with your favorite security vendors such as Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto and Zscaler. Cloud firewalls of course and all do the high-end functionality you’re accustomed to. What about the edge device? You can install a software image or VNF (Virtual Network Function) directly onto the edge device or have it sit out in the cloud/network. Rules and policies, you have in place already can be easily transcribed to the SD-WAN edge device and you’re ready to go. (see image)






  7. Clutter got you down?


The edge device is smaller than a pizza box, no bigger than a sheet of paper and it performs all the functionality of a security appliance, load balancer and router. Your remote locations only need one of these multi use devices making SD-WAN a great choice for a non-cluttered up work space.




  8. Private inter-office network?


Better known as MPLS (Multi-Protocol Layered Switching). No problem here, SD-WAN will take your MPLS connection and integrate it within the network. SD-WAN will do two things for you when we’re talking about your MPLS. 1. It can compliment your existing network and make it better with the Dynamic Multi Path Optimization or 2. Get rid of the MPLS all together. What??!! Yes. Within the “Orchestrator” or management console you’ll be able to create a fully meshed site to site, VPN tunnel. All with a single checkbox as well.. Tired of expensive MPLS/Carrier costs, let’s get real and save some cash without sacrificing security or efficiency.




  9.  What cloud?


Haven’t you heard, the “Cloud” is where it’s at. From all your favorite productivity tools such as Office 365 to the most popular CRMs like Salesforce, SD-WAN powered by Wanify will get you there. Through the alliance with VeloCloud who has built over 200+ cloud gateways. Let’s define “Cloud Gateway” I mean VeloCloud installed actual networking gear in all the of the major datacenter providers colocation facilities across the world. This is where your favorite and most profitable providers such as Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle set up shop. Ok so what if you care about voice quality and you subscribe to a UCAAS provider? All good, Wanify will get you closer than ever before to these service providers because each of these cloud gateways sits on, near, or close by to these locations. Where they are is a mystery because it’s “the cloud” but the point is you’ll get there far easily and cheaply than ever before. Holla.




  10. Into making and keeping your customers happy?


This is my favorite for you because outside of all the cool features you get with Wanify Sd-Wan, you also get to be a hero and establish yourself as a customer first IT department. Typically, you’re viewed as a hard to work with group of individuals that locks down everything. Not anymore with your internal customers and not anymore with your actual paying customers. With SD-WAN you make all departments better with SD-WAN as they are moving faster and more securely than ever before. With SD-WAN you make your customers experience that much better when interacting with your sales, accounting and any other department that is customer facing to maintain a seamless interaction with all applications. No lost call or chat or dissatisfied client. Let’s make your network great again!


To learn more about Wanify SD-WAN powered by VMware/VeloCloud drop us a comment or message me directly and we’ll make great things happen.


Daniel Macias – Telecom Professional



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