Top 5 Reasons to work with AtlasIP

August 14, 2018


               The advantages of working with a telecom consultant are a bit obscure because not every consultant is good at their job. It takes a certain individual to take the enormous risk of leaving a stable company to jump out into the fire of the real world where nobody cares what you do other than yourself. Here I’ll explain the top 5 reasons to work with AtlasIP and give you a bit of background on the individuals that are knocking on every door in SoCal.


               AtlasIP was started 4 years ago by a forward-thinking individual named Nick Prosser. Nick cut his teeth and dominated the Unified Communication space with a Shoretel partner called KTS Networks. After a handful of years Nick realized that the cloud was the way of the future and that on-premise phone systems were going to slowly die off once the support contracts came end of life. Nick had the foresight and guts to jump into the real world and start AtlasIP and build a telecom and cloud consultancy from the ground up.


               “Entrepreneur” gets thrown around a lot online and for some reason only the top companies that take on millions of dollars in debt get any recognition. Nick knew that to grow a business you have to have the right people in place and sales is where you start first. With so many great sales guys in the industry that tear it up in the direct world Nick gained the right partnership and relationship with some guys at TwTelecom. One individual in particular who owned the data and voice and multi-site network game was Brian Robertson.


               Brian was and still is the self-proclaimed internet and voice “master” who made a career at TwTelecom bringing all of Pasadena “on-net” with TwTelecom fiber services. Brian also forged deep bonds with the property managers of every building owner in the area further solidifying his place as the top rep in TwTelecom for over 7 years. However once Level(3) acquired TwTelecom the wheels started to come off culturally and the leadership team from TwTelecom were starting to be let go. Brian was approached by Nick to join the team since they worked together for years on joint accounts selling voice and phone systems. It was too good to be true to be your own boss and make as much money as you want. Brian took a leap of faith and had a ton to lose but did it anyway and joined up with Nick.


               During this time, I, Daniel Macias, was working along side Brian. Learning how to sell internet and voice sharpening my skills. I jetted off to Wilcon, now Crown Castle, before Brian joined AtlasIP but once I heard that Brian made that jump I knew I wanted to be part of the team. It was two years before making that move and I took even more knowledge of the fiber and datacenter game with me to AtlasIP. You can read more on my "Decision to Self Employment" Here. Now the stage is set to blow the business up and go to market with skills and knowledge that no other sales rep has. Let’s get into why AtlasIP.

  1. Superior Internet knowledge:

Both Brian and I came from one of the best telecom carriers in the country, TwTelecom. We both learned how to physically build out fiber organically city block by city block. Alone I brought online over 25 buildings in Santa Monica and West L.A. Brian himself lit up over 100 in Pasadena. Prior to my time at TwTelecom I was at Cogent which was another national fiber provider which gave me even deeper knowledge into another carrier’s footprint and capabilities. So, if you’re looking for internet of any type in the country AtlasIP has you covered and knows exactly what to sell that will get installed in any scenario you find yourself in. Moving into a new building, your covered, you need to connect multiple offices? No problem. You need a circuit turned up in 5 days? We have a that relationship. There will not be a time where we won’t know who to go to or who to ask at any carrier because we still have great relationships internally to get results where direct teams don’t have the authority. By direct teams, I mean individual reps from carriers.


2. Unmatched understanding of the Unified Communications industry:


The UC industry is said to grow to $8billion by 2021 and with our expertise and profound relationships with each one of the top UC providers in the market we can address any of your needs or challenges that you face. With Nick’s background in Unified Communications AtlasIP can truly understand where your business needs to go as you grow. This means that we know each providers strengths and weaknesses and can recommend a solution that will be the exact right fit for your business.


3.Multiple options and single point of contact:


Ok so you want options, but you don’t want to do all the research yourself. This is another reason why AtlasIP is the correct choice for your telecom and cloud needs. If for any reason one of the options doesn’t work out that is no problem, AtlasIP has arms in the bullpen to bring out when you need them and provide the solution that will fit your needs. It takes time and mental energy to get online, figure out what each option means, who you want to contact and then actually do it. Then you must wait to get a call back or chat with an internal call center rep who doesn’t know the ins and outs of their own product. This is where AtlasIP comes in and alleviates all that stress and anxiety and will understand your exact needs the first time and deliver results.


4. Added resources and support:


Every telecom and cloud carrier put some sort of effort into their sales and support staff. However, coming from 3 different carriers I can say that sales training was minimal, and I had to learn by trial by fire. I made mistakes with the product, made mistakes in the sales process and said dumb stuff. I still do but I take pride in my craft and asked for help and got better daily. Not every direct sales rep has my bull dog mentality and they need to be hand held and thus they fail or can’t sell anything. This leads to massive turnover of the sales force which leads to more quick hires and no training which perpetuates the cycle. At AtlasIP carriers give us more sales training than their own sales team and we get more resources poured our way so that we can expand our business what that carrier. This gives us more weight with the carriers when advocating for you, our potential customer, to get things sold, issues resolved, and problems averted. When you work with AtlasIP you get the golden treatment not just from us but from our vendor partners as well.


5.Know where the bodies are buried:


Through our combined experience here at AtlasIP we have sold deals that have caught on fire and we’ve taken verbal beatings no doubt. This experience can only come from getting out in the marketplace and selling deals. No good deal goes unpunished and AtlasIP knows the in-depth processes that each carrier must move a deal through the system to installation. We also know what NOT to sell you as we’ve sold carriers before that have not lived up to our AtlasIP standards of excellence and thus we paid the price with the customer. We live and learn, and we know to not sell certain products. Another reason for steering you away from certain products is that we are compensated by the carriers as AtlasIP is a consultant. We get a percentage of the revenue sold and when customer cancel service we lose out directly from our paychecks. Therefore, AtlasIP is extra diligent in making sure you are well taken care of from the beginning to the end of the sales cycle and beyond. We’re after long term relationships with you and that pays dividends over time.


There you have it, the TOP 5 reasons to work with AtlasIP. If you have questions about internet, voice, UC, contact center, cloud, DR or SD-WAN don’t waste time researching on you own. Get with an experienced crew that puts your needs first.


Daniel Macias – Telecom Sales Consultant



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