How Different Departments in Your Business Should Leverage Unified Communications

June 12, 2018


So you need a new phone system.  Do more than just replace dial tone.  Sure, you do need to know how many phones and a basic understanding of your different users but far too often I hear of companies just swapping out the old pbx for a new pbx that doesn't really offer anything valuable to the business. 


I talk to IT folks all the time who will tell me that their needs are VERY BASIC and they just need to replace the system. 


You're investing in way more than just a new phone system.  This is a communications platform that can help all different departments in your business.  


This is where a good partner comes in.  If you've been using a legacy phone system or under utilizing what you have, work with a team like Atlas IP who does this for a living.  Not only can we understand your environment but we can also match your needs to one of our partners that would be fit your needs.  If the vendor that you're working with just asks simple questions like how many users and what's your bandwidth, don't walk, run!  You need someone who can truly understand various elements of your business.

Don't think that you know what functionality would be valued by departments that you're not particularly involved in either.  Engage a few team members from each department and you'll be surprised what you hear.

This is the perfect time to step back and really think about how we can improve communications to different departments of the business. 


Sales - CRM integration -

Analytics and reporting

remote tools



Business Development / Inside Sales - 

Automated outbound calling




Intelligent phone systems can route based on information you have about the caller in a database or CRM.  Route calls to accounts receivable before sales or tech support.



Ease of managment

Zendesk integration

Call routing tools for help desk.  

Twinning and remote tools as you're not always at your desk



Social media

Chat with customers




Customer Service

Contact Center

CRM integration



Collaboration tools

Single platform for communicating

Video Conferencing



Tech Support




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