Is it time to ditch your MPLS? The case for SD WAN

April 22, 2016


Let's face it, most businesses would love to get rid of their MPLS networks.  They're expensive, not very nimble, difficult to manage and limited on bandwidth.  As software-defined WAN continues to gain attention, there are a few benefits being touted by vendors in the space. More flexibility and cost savings over time are two of the typical benefits.


But why should an enterprise choose to use SD-WAN as a replacement to their MPLS network?  But let's look at a real world case that I think will open a lot of eyes.


But first, let's discuss the high level benefits of SDWAN. 


- Cost savings

- Aggregate multiple circuits

- WAN Acceleration

- WAN Optimization

- Packet Shaping

- Ease of roll out

- Failover

- Leverage best of breed band options for every location and not locked into one provider


OK back to the real world example I mentioned.  We recently met with a rapidly expanding technology company with 20 locations all across the country.  They were having problems managing VPNs for remote offices where they had all sorts of disparate internet connectivity.  They came to us requesting a proposal for multiple nationwide MPLS and SIP trunking providers that could deliver a private, layer 3 network with quality of service for their IP pbx and other applications that remote sites connect to their HQ to access.


The proposals came back ranging anywhere between $18k and $22k per month from a variety of our carrier partners.  When discussing these options with the customer we asked if they'd be willing to look at an SD WAN solution as an alternative.  


We came back after some analysis of the available providers for each site and put together a proposal that included a combination of copper, cable and fiber circuits plus SDWAN as a service from a VeloCloud provider.  The cost reduction was staggering, even with having multiple circuits for optimization and failover, VPN, etc. the total cost came to about $8K.  


Their reaction: "This is too good to be true. We're going to get better performance, failover and greater visibility into our network and it will cost 50% less than MPLS?  I don't believe it."  


Well, the proof is in the pudding, so we worked with our SD WAN partner to structure a multiple site proof of concept.  After 30 days the gave us the green light and thanked us for guiding them in the right direction and not just quoting them exactly what they asked for!  


Contact us today to learn more about SD WAN or other technologies.



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