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The Challenge:

Global logistics firm was hit with ransomwear attack the crippled their IT infrastructure and look all 400 end users offline.  They needed a vendor to act quickly to develop an action plan to quickly remediate issues and build a roadmap for fortifying their network.   

The Solution:

Atlas engaged a key partner to provide a post breach analysis within 24 hours to identify how attackers entered the network and to quickly remediate threats and vulnerabilities.  Once report was created, Atlas worked with IT and leadership teams to develop and action plan to include additional resources such as virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and advanced threat detection technologies backed with a security operation center.  Atlas also assisted customer with an end user security awareness training plan to do simulated phishing attacks and other social engineering efforts.  

The Result:

Atlas advices customer on how to address the biggest vulnerabilities ASAP in the most cost effect method possible while developing a 24 month cyber security roadmap.  To assist in developing budget for these initiatives, Atlas IP provided a complete audit on existing telecom and IT spend and successfully reduced spend in other departments to offset any new costs. 


Image by Jefferson Santos
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