Managed IT Security.


 Atlas IP can identify vulnerabilities and design a  solution to protect your business in the ever  changing IT security threat landsacape. 

IT Security as a Service


Today’s advanced exploits evolve rapidly and are specifically designed to avoid detection. Signature-based solutions can only protect you from 2% of known exploits. And adding layers of advanced discrete security products that fail to effectively share and correlate data generates huge alert volumes that quickly overwhelm IT teams.


A perimeter-focused security strategy simply can’t keep up. Besides, your employees walk right past your perimeter everyday with laptops, tablets and mobile devices they connect directly to your network interior.


Our advanced managed security solutions use patented behavioral analysis to recognize normal network behavior, and big-data analytics to correlate all threat information enterprise-wide. And we fortify them with continuous human monitoring to “tune” the system, always making it smarter and reducing false alarms.


The result? Seeing abnormalities lets us predict, detect and defend against threats before they cause harm. And UES spans all network environments, fully integrating with existing technologies to provide comprehensive, plug-and-play security from the perimeter to the cloud.

Masergy Managed Security Video

Free Security Posture Assessment


For 60 days, try out our scanning system, using the first process Validated by the U.S. Department of Commerce and which exceed the standards of N.I.S.T 800-53, SCAP and USGCB! US ProSecure uniform scanning identifies known vulnerabilities of any two IP addresses (Internal or External).  The report will deliver deep insight into the following:


• Known vulnerabilities

• Missing patches

• Mis-configurations

• Open services

• Backdoors on all of your end points


Contact us for more information or to begin the free security vulnerability assessment.




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