Colocation & DR as a Service


Our customers come to Atlas IP to help build a roadmap for Colo, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions.  We assist in indentifying our client's needs, building an RFP, identifying a provider, negotiation and overseeing deployment.  We are completely non biased and are truly aligned with the goals or your orgnization.  

Colocation & DR as a Service


DRaas or Colocation?


To keep your Business Data secure, a large majority of companies everywhere are putting their servers and networking equipment into a data center.   This solution is great for your business if you want to free up space in the office, but also want a level of control over your own environment. Datacenters are fully managed by the operator with 24/7 monitoring and access. 

This day in age you have options for your internal network infrastructure. If you want a fully managed Disaster Recovery solution and are tired of the "snapshotting" your data then a DRaas solution is for you. Want to archive data that is taking up space on your servers? Want a fully managed solution and you do nothing? Don't want to buy more hardware? DRaaS is for you. 



What's in it for you?


On Demand Recovery

Piece of Mind

Fully Managed



24/7 Access

Partner Spotlight

Sky Data Vault provides Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services. A complete end to end onboarding, service and support offering. 

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing services built for all business. They excel in Infrastructure, DRaas, archival storage and development tools. 

iLand is a global cloud service provider of secure and compliant hosting for infrastructure(Iaas), DRaas and backup as a servicer (Baas. Headquartered in Houston TX, ILand has cloud datacenters throughout the world. 

Colocation has evolved from simple space and power to a strategy to transform your business by reshaping your approach to enterprise networking, deploying cloud based services and improving end user experiences. 

The Enterprise Cloud Company. Unitas Global was founded on the belief that fully-managed cloud environments is the future of enterprise IT.

RapidScale is an industry leading cloud company. Our cloud computing solutions enable customers to simplify IT operations. We pride ourselves in moving computing into the next generation while providing outstanding service.



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