Contact Center as a Service

Atlas IP has decades of experience in assisting customers solve business problems with next generation technologies.  Contact centers are the core to many business and is typically the frontline to your communication with customers.  Clients us our experience and technical capabilities to evaluate and deploy contact center solutions.

"In a world where products and services are plentiful and companies are fighting for attention and position in the marketplace, a good CX strategy is a competitive advantage."


Our Process:

-Deep dive discovery throughout multiple departments and key stake holders

-Build an RFP based on these requirements 

-Invite a set of vetted providers who can meet these requirements to respond to the RFP

-Build out a scoring matrix 

-Short list vendors based on scoring matrix

-Coordinate demos and deep dives with the short list of vendors

-Work with the client to select vendors based on vendor capabilities, pricing, overall solution, etc.

-Assign project manager as an overlay to work with the client and service provider to ensure a smooth deployment

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